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Protect your pet from a range of diseases.

Your dog’s vaccinations need to be given annually. To help you keep your dog protected we run a reminder service that informs you when these vaccinations are due.

Vaccinations protect your dog from many infectious diseases. These include:

DISTEMPER is a highly contagious, often fatal disease. It usually affects the respiratory, nervous, and intestinal systems and is especially dangerous to puppies.

HEPATITIS is an infectious disease of the liver.

LEPTOSPIROSIS is a bacterial infection that causes kidney disease. It is transmitted by rodents.

PARVO is an often fatal disease of the intestinal tract.

Vaccinations for the above diseases are delivered in a combined injection.This makes it more convenient for you and your dog and it means that there is no delay in your dogs protection.

Kennel cough vaccination

BORDETELLA is one of the strains that we can vaccinate against. This is a liquid that is squirted down the dog’s nose. We recommend this vaccination if your pet is going into kennels or if it is at high risk. Each vaccine last 12 months and can be added to the reminder service.

Lyme disease vaccine

A new vaccine is now available to protect your dog against Lyme disease. This is a bacterial infection that is spread by ticks. It causes fever, joint swelling and lameness. In this area we are recommending the vaccine initially to those people with active outdoor or working dogs and those who like to holiday in the lakes or in Scotland, where there is a higher prevalence of ticks and Lyme disease. If your dog is infected, the condition can be treated with antibiotics but in some dogs the infection is never completely cured and can lead to chronic problems – so it is much better to prevent Lyme disease than to risk infection.

Ticks are blood sucking parasites and numbers in the UK are reported to be increasing. The most common tick-borne disease in Europe is Lyme disease. As well as using the new vaccine, it is sensible to check your dog for ticks at least once a day and to carefully remove any ticks as soon as they are found.

Using a spot-on treatment, such as advantix or serestro collars, can help to discourage and kill ticks when they try to feed.  This is particularly important in spring and autumn, when ticks are most likely to be actively feeding, but should be continued all year round.

Please contact the surgery if you would like more information on protecting your pet against Lyme disease.

Your cat’s vaccinations need to be given annually. To help you keep your cat protected we run a reminder service that informs you when these vaccinations are due.

Vaccinations protect your cat from many infectious diseases. These include:

CALICI VIRUS & HERPES VIRUS are commonly known as Cat Flu. These can cause sneezing, fever, loss of appetite (anorexia), inflammation around the eyes / nose and ulcers in the mouth. Healthy adult cats usually recover from it. Kittens and older cats are at greater risk of serious complications.

FELINE PANLEUKOPENIA (Feline Distemper) is a highly contagious, often fatal disease, and is especially dangerous to kittens. Symptoms include loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, high fever and depression.

CHLAMYDIA can cause conjunctivitis.

FELINE LEUKAEMIA (FELV) is a viral disease caused by a retrovirus that can be transmitted between cats. It can cause immunosuppression, tumours and can be fatal.

We recommend annual vaccinations for all these diseases.

Your rabbit can be vaccinated against myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD)


This usually causes fatal disease in rabbits. It is highly contagious, spread easily by vectors as small as fleas or flies. The first signs are swollen eyes and genitals. It is important that all rabbits are vaccinated ideally every 12 months.

Viral Haemorrhagic disease (VHD)

This can rapidly cause fatal disease in rabbits. Your pet rabbit can be vaccinated against VHD and should be done every 12 months.


Our experienced team of veterinarians and nurses can perform a number of checkups and procedures to diagnose your pet’s ailments and keep them healthy thereafter. Select a service to find out more.

Keep your pet fit and strong with a thorough veterinary examination.

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Talk to us about any issues your pet may be experiencing.

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Safeguard against your pet getting lost, injured or stolen with our microchipping service.

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Protect your pet from viruses and diseases with regular inoculations.

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Neutering your cat or dog can help to reduce the risk of contracting a range of diseases, as well as preventing aggressive behaviour and unwanted mating.

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We offer free dental health checks to keep your pet’s mouth in good condition, as well as a number of other services to protect their teeth and gums.

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Looking after your pet after operations, sedation and dental work.

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Written prescriptions for your pet’s medication.

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