Exotics nursing clinics

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Craig Dobson Exotics nursing clinics

Moorview Vets are holding exotics nursing clinics at our primary care practice at Northumberland Park.

The clinics are for a variety of species including small furries (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas etc), reptiles (geckos,snakes,bearded dragons etc), birds (budgies,parrots etc) and wildlife. They are held by our registered veterinary nurse Kayleigh, who has a certificate in nursing of exotic species as well as experience in looking after many exotic species herself.

The clinics include:

– New Pet Checks – These consults are designed for clients with new pets or who would like more information on a pet they are looking into buying. Information can be given on correct housing, feeding, environmental enrichment and preventative health care.

– Assessment of  illness- Many illnesses affecting these exotic pets are due to diet, environment and incorrect animal husbandry. We can assess your pet and help you improve their health.

– Assessment of  injury- We have a duty to assess and treat where necessary any wildlife in need of veterinary care.

– Routine health checks- Regular checks on your pet’s health and weight can help them to live a long and healthy life.