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Oncology referrals are taken by Shirley Van Lelyveld, BVSC MSC (Clinical oncology) MRCVS DECVIM-CA (Medical oncology). 

Moorview Referrals offers a full range of medical and surgical oncology, using a multi-discplinary approach which facilitates smooth patient assessment and treatment. Recently we have increased our oncology cover, with oncology specialist consultations now being made available for two days every fortnight.

Our oncologist, Shirley van Lelyveld, received her European Diploma in Oncology in the spring of 2016, although she has been working in the field since 2003, when she began a Master’s training program in oncology, followed by a three year residency in oncology at an oncology centre in Essex.

The diagnosis of cancer in a family pet is very frightening and upsetting and owners have many questions and concerns, as well as fears regarding the treatments available and the suffering that these may cause. Knowing this, an initial consultation allows sufficient time for the pet to be fully assessed and for Shirley to explain the treatment options available and to answer all the questions arising from the diagnosis, staging and treatment options. For many patients, combinations of medical and surgical therapy offer good outcomes and quality of life is remains our primary concern.

We offer tumour staging (including ultrasound, CT and MRI when appropriate) and the full range of medical and surgical therapies for cancer  patients. Medical therapy may include traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy, targeted anti-cancer drugs, anti-angiogenic therapy, the canine melanoma vaccine and palliative treatment options. Analgesia and nutritional support are also very important in cancer patients.

For more information about our oncology services, get in touch with us on 0191 338 8890, or email us at [email protected].



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