Craig Dobson Diagnostic Imaging


Radiography, Ultrasonography, Echocardiology, Fluoroscopy, MRI and CT Scanning


Referrals will be taken by the medicine team – Kate Green, Darren Long and Emma Holt.

Ultrasonography includes diagnosis of the following:

  • portosystemic shunts
  • adrenal, renal, hepatic, splenic, pancreatic, bladder and intestinal disease
  • Ultrasound guided FNA and trucut biopsies

CT Scanning

Moorview Vets offer CT scanning services. Please refer to the CT section of this website for more information.



Fluoroscopy includes diagnosis of the following:

  • Collapsing tracheas (and facilitates the placement of tracheal stents)
  • Gastrointestinal motility studies
  • Swallowing studies
  • Implant placement in orthopaedics


Referrals will be taken by Mr Antonio Moneva- Jordan DVM, CertVC, MRCVS.

Please refer to the Cardiology section of this website for more information.


MRI Scanning

Moorview Vets offer MRI scanning services. Please refer to the MRI section of this website for more information.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Services

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Our experienced team of veterinarians and nurses can carry out a range of procedures in an ever-growing number of disciplines. From internal medicine to complex surgical procedures, we have the knowledge and the expertise to get your pet back on all four paws.

Identifying various heart diseases, murmurs and arrhythmias.

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Our cutting edge on-site 16 slice Toshiba CT scanner can be used to explore a variety skeletal, abdominal and oncological issues.

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We can diagnose and treat a vast range of skin, hair, ear and nail diseases using our cutting edge facilities and knowledge.

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At Moorview we have the facilities to use up to date diagnostic imaging equipment and techniques to aid in diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases.

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Our experienced team of practitioners can diagnose and treat all manner of internal ailments and diseases.

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The mobile MRI scanner is fully equipped for magnetic resonance imaging on animals, helping to determine and treat musculoskeletal problems, cognitive issues and brain diseases.

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At Moorview we aim to combine the latest therapies from surgery and medicine to treat pets affected by cancer.

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We can help to care for your pets’ eyesight, and our facilities make it possible to perform ocular surgery where necessary.

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We can perform surgery on joints and fractures, as well as operating on dysplasias and limb deformities.

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Keep your pet healthy following injury or surgery with a course of physiotherapy.

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Our highly experienced veterinarians can perform ENT, thoracic, urogenital, abdominal and colorectal surgeries, to name but a few.

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Our specialist referral veterinarian can perform a range of surgeries on animals suffering from spinal issues.

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