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Cat neutering


Neutering cats and dogs to prevent unwanted behaviour and a plethora of diseases.

FEMALES – We recommend spaying from 6 months of age and ideally before their first season in most cases. If your dog has started having seasons the procedure is to be carried out at least 6 – 8 weeks post season. The advantages of neutering are that it prevents urine marking, infection of the womb (pyometra) and reduces the risk of mammary cancer.

MALES – We recommend castration at 6 months of age. If your dog is a large breed please talk to one of our vets about the best age for your individual pet.

The advantages of castration are that it can help reduce aggressive behaviour, reduces urine marking, removes the risk of testicular tumours and reduces the risk of prostatic disease.

When your dog is neutered it involves them coming in as a day patient. They have a general anaesthetic for the procedure and will usually go home the same day.

For cats castration and spaying is advised at 5-6 months of age. This will involve your cat coming in as a day patient.

This is to prevent problems such as unwanted mating, urine marking and fighting. This will also decrease the spread of disease such as feline leukaemia and feline aids.


Our experienced team of veterinarians and nurses can perform a number of checkups and procedures to diagnose your pet’s ailments and keep them healthy thereafter. Select a service to find out more.

Keep your pet fit and strong with a thorough veterinary examination.

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Talk to us about any issues your pet may be experiencing.

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Safeguard against your pet getting lost, injured or stolen with our microchipping service.

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Protect your pet from viruses and diseases with regular inoculations.

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Neutering your cat or dog can help to reduce the risk of contracting a range of diseases, as well as preventing aggressive behaviour and unwanted mating.

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We offer free dental health checks to keep your pet’s mouth in good condition, as well as a number of other services to protect their teeth and gums.

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Looking after your pet after operations, sedation and dental work.

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Written prescriptions for your pet’s medication.

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